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Family Counseling

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Domestic Violence Victims Assistance

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Divorce Education

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Affordable Housing

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Positive Parenting

  "You have something beautiful to offer, something unique because you are an amazing human being so loving and caring, talents in so many ways" 

- CEO President Dayssy Davila

We help women around the United States and International racial and multicultural diversity including the Hispanic Community. We focus in protecting different socio-economic status racial / ethnic background, religion, nationality women. We promote and advocate for women's human rights against any form of violence or discrimination, We also promote the benefits of high-quality prenatal and maternal health care for both mother and baby, lives of women's across the nations depends on your help .


Mission Statement

To provide high quality, compassionate and comprehensive legal services to low income families and to empower them to initiate long lasting personal and social change by providing them an adequate place to live.

Our Vision

We help low income families to have the opportunity to live independently by fully engaging them to approach legal matters without fear and offering them a new beginning with better living conditions.

The Organization’s specific purpose is to initiate personal and social change by providing highly specialized services to low income individuals and families and offering free legal advice and representation. The organization will develop and structure strategies to educate and involve low income families in the preservation of a high quality of life and family values. The organization will also offer housing to those individuals or family members who need assistance to approach a more adequate place to live.

Our organization focuses on the following programs:

  • Family Law matters
  • Divorce Education
  • Family Counseling
  • Mental health
  • Professional education to promote positive parenting
  • Assistance to families victim of domestic violence
  • Housing